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July 15th, 2017

A brother and sister growing. A family that I love dearly + deeply changing before my eyes.

Documenting a child change & grow is so very bittersweet. On one hand you want them to stay little forever, always finding yourself missing the little things they did at one point or another and the sweet ways that they did them. But simultaneously, you're so excited to see what they become and to watch all the amazing things that they do & get to accomplish.
 Hailey and I talked about this before they came over Sunday and how this certain time, she really wanted to focus most specifically on documenting a big change they would go through soon - weaning Harper from breastfeeding, and so capturing a moment of them together for a second was necessary. Sessions where I get to explore, have fun and get personal with kids is where I'm happiest. Where it resembles a little bit of my best moments - with my own babies. So we both very much agreed that kids changing is way too bittersweet for a mother's heart and time flies way too fast. Kids change so quickly, and from being a mother myself and watching my two boys, I understand all too well that it goes by in the blink of an eye. You fight so many emotions and no other love is like it.  One minute their stumbling to take their first steps & attempting cake (whoops to being slightly allergic on the red dye Harp 🙃- good thing you didn't demolish it! 😅) , barely able to kick a ball (for Harper, a big Christmas ornament prop in Downtown Grand Rapids one year!) and the next their dancing and twirling, and taking photos of you instead, sure to make your own heart melt completely.
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