We had a warm, comfy and in honor of the title, cozy day in. I should say days, because we broke this retreat up into two of them. There are always so many attendees and splitting up the days was really beneficial. 
For each day, we had lots of new and returning babes. Which also was so helpful! Having people there that are experienced in retreats - there isn't as much pressure, they have favorite poses in mind or mastered, they know the atmosphere and they contribute to it. And then on the flip side, having others attend that are inexperienced & can be vulnerable together, is really nice too. It's always nice having a buddy! And I know the first retreat can be really intimidating, but I promise by the end, everyone has mingled and laughed over the fact that they were ever nervous at all.
The first day was later and we all had a little more wine, laughed a little harder and stayed a little bit over shoot time. It was really fun evening. 
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